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KOMO Routers: Regular Inspections Maintain Performance

Why you need regular ball screw service for your KOMO routers: We often get calls from companies when their CNC equipment, including KOMO routers like the one below, start to make noise or worse, seize up. Many operators don’t understand that the grit the router ball screws are exposed to can […]

loose ball screw repair

Loose Ball Screw Repair

Loose ball screw repair: Before and after If you have a loose ball screw, you are likely experiencing hole-out-of-round or other cut accuracy issues. Notice the amount of play in the “before” clip, and the significant difference after the loose ball screw repair. When ball bearings get worn, CNC ball screws can get loose, requiring […]

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Ball Assembly Maintenance: Keeping Your CNC Ball Screws in Top Condition

Your screw’s ball assembly has something to tell you. As a CNC Operator, you know the importance of maintaining your machining equipment to ensure peak performance. Your CNC laser, router, or waterjet depends on you to complete preventive maintenance on schedule. You understand that meeting production demands relies on your ability to cut […]

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7 CNC Ball Screw Failure Warning Signs

Are you headed toward ball screw failure? Catch a problem before it turns into disaster with these seven ball screw failure warning signs Replacing a CNC ball screw can be a costly expense. It’s not just the price of the ball screw and cost of labor, but the down time as well. […]

CNC ball screws Mitsubishi BEFORE

CNC Ball Screws Need Better PM

When it comes to maintaining your CNC ball screws, you can find yourself needing a repair even if you are diligent about lubrication and inspecting your lines, seals, and fittings. Here’s why. As ball screw repair service experts, we often encounter customers that don’t regularly inspect their lubrication system as part […]

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On-Site CNC Ballscrew Repair

CNC Ball Screw Repair is your premier resource for on-site ballscrew repair service. Ballscrews for CNC fabrication and machining equipment are repaired at your facility to minimize total downtime – no need to ship your ballscrews or wait weeks for a new part!

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Improve Cut Accuracy

Accuracy restoration does not have to be expensive. It just has to be done right! Honesty, integrity, and commitment to quality craftsmanship are hallmarks of our service. Our service professionals are responsive and always ready to help.

ball screw repair service

An affordable OEM replacement alternative

Get your holes round again, corners square with no jiggles, and angles without waves. We will come to your facility and get it done the SAME DAY – at a reasonable cost!

ball screw lubrication issues on cnc laser

Ball Screw Lubrication for CNC Lasers: Why Regular PM is Important

Avoid the pitfalls of poor ball screw lubrication. Simply put, ball screw lubrication issues can cause major problems for CNC lasers. Broken lines can lead to a dry ball screw assembly, increasing the risk of wear and damage to the screw. Worn ball screws can lead to cut accuracy problems, impacting your ability to produce […]

Mitsubishi LZP laser ball screw grease matters

Mitsubishi LZP Laser Ball Screw Grease Matters

Proper greasing of your Mitsubishi LZP laser ball screw can save you time and money! A recent Mitsubishi LZP laser ball screw PM call serves as another case for proper greasing and inspection. We’ve written a few photo captions and posts about why checking your lube lines and greasing your linear motion system properly […]